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Sonoma County Alliance Environmental Committee Tour

October 5, 2022

Sonoma County Alliance Environmental Committee tour September 27, 2022. Sonoma Clean Power hosted our bi-monthly meeting this month to show off their Advanced Energy ...

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Sonoma County Alliance Reward Fund

August 30, 2022

During the past decade, the Sonoma County Alliance’s Reward Fund to combat local crimes has paid over $44,000 to credible tipsters whose ...

What's New

Leadership in Transition and June Events

May 18, 2022

“Life is full of opportunity.  Leadership is about taking those opportunities.  Legacy is what you will leave behind when you do.”                 author ...

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Small Business Grants Program

In Round 1, we gave 5 small businesses grants for a total of $13,000. Funding for Round 2 is coming in early 2023. Please watch for announcements including applications and donation opportunities.

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Membership in the Sonoma County Alliance is open to any person, business, trade, agriculture, or labor organization, public or private.

The Sonoma County Alliance is a coalition of business, agriculture, labor and individuals organized to encourage a healthy economy, to maintain a sound environment, to protect private property rights and to promote a responsive political process.

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