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About the Sonoma County Alliance

The Sonoma County Alliance is a coalition of business, agriculture, labor and individuals incorporated to encourage a healthy economy, maintain a sound environment, protect private property rights and promote a responsive political process. The Alliance accomplishes these goals through public and member education and, from time to time, through advocacy before decision makers.

The purpose of the Sonoma County Alliance is to maintain a visible force in community affairs; engage elected officials in dialogue regarding the establishment of public policy; provide a forum for its membership concerning land use and development, housing, taxation and allied matters; and increase membership interest and participation in legislative and political affairs on a countywide basis.

Membership in the Sonoma County Alliance is open to any person, business, trade, agriculture, or labor organization, public or private. All share a mutual desire to pull their diverse talents together in an effort to put order and strength to their energies, thus making membership in the Sonoma County Alliance a tangible investment in the present and future welfare of Sonoma County. The Sonoma County Alliance network supports the interest of its members through representation, advocacy, and education.

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