The Board of the Sonoma County Alliance regrets and is deeply saddened by the offensive post of June 26th. We apologize for its insensitivity and want to reassure the membership of the Alliance as well as the entire Sonoma County community the statement did not reflect the values and opinions of the Board. We believe Black Lives Matter. We stand with the community and leaders who seek social and economic reforms and work towards the elimination of any form of racism that undermines the values upon which the SCA aspires to uphold.

Our leaders are committed to speak out against bias in all its forms and to be agents of change within Sonoma County. This work begins among our own leaders, our board and our members. We acknowledge that we do not have all the answers, but we are committed to learning and growing individually and collectively. We are making the investments now, and long term, to ensure our culture is more inclusive and equitable.

In the days ahead we will announce plans for learning, listening, and working toward meaningful reforms inside our organization. These plans will translate into actions that benefit organizations, businesses, leaders and individuals willing to do this important work to bring awareness to unconscious and systemic bias.

Our goal is to demonstrate to the community that the Sonoma County Alliance will emerge as a leader on matters of equity and community well-being.

Board of Directors
Sonoma County Alliance
July 17, 2020