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The Sonoma County Alliance works closely with locally elected officials so that if an issue arises that affects the private sector, it will be addressed.

The Sonoma County Alliance traces its roots back to an event back in 1975 that brought six community groups together to promote the building of the Warm Springs Dam and Lake Sonoma. The success of this venture lead to the formation of the Sonoma County Alliance.

For thirty-eight years, the SCA has been effective at identifying, monitoring, and influencing on various issues impacting the county, with a focus on improving the economy, protecting the environment, enhancing the county’s infrastructure, and supporting education, to improve the overall quality of life in Sonoma County. Today the SCA reflects virtually every sector of society, including representatives from business, non-profits, fire, police, city employees, and union officials.

One of the SCA’s chief focuses is improving the local economy through creating new jobs. Part of this effort involves decreasing traffic congestion and expanding Highway 101 as well as maintaining local roads, with the hope that commerce will thrive once an adequate avenue for transportation is established.

One of the elements that makes the Sonoma County Alliance strong is its diverse membership, which represents many different schools of thought. Everyone is respected regardless of their stance on an issue, and in the end, the SCA chooses a course of action that is good for the region as a whole, and does not favor one sector over another. The SCA looks out for the best interests of businesses of all sizes, and encourages the local government to make decisions that are believed to be most likely to improve economic growth and activity. With the Sonoma County Alliance’s great wealth of experience when it comes to business needs, we are able to impart valuable knowledge to our local leaders and have in many cases been a trusted advisor.

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