Every choice you make has an end result.                                                       Zig Ziglar

noun: an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities

When my children were teens, we talked so often about choices that they would sarcastically say “Choices, choices, choices.  Mom we know!”  I wanted them to understand that they make multiple choices every day which create outcomes.  If they do not like the results, they have the option of choosing differently next time.  They could put out their best effort or just get by; they could pay attention in school or not; they could choose to go to college or not.  Each of these are important choices which have different consequences, often not seen for many years.  While I know that many situations and circumstances are beyond our control, I hoped they would experience for themselves that they have not only the power but the responsibility to choose wisely.  Their choices today create their future.  Years later, they said they see the impact of their choices which created the lives they have.    I love my children and I want them to have the best lives they can imagine.  And they are free to choose.

Every day we have many opportunities to choose … both our actions and then our attitudes about the results.

In the coming weeks the biggest choice facing our nation is selecting the next President.  We will elect a new President or we will chose to keep the one we have.  We can choose to vote or not.  I love my country and want to see all citizens have the best lives we can imagine.  Choices today will create outcomes in the future.  And we are free to choose.

The Sonoma County Alliance is a business organization with members who are active in the community.  Members chose every day to become educated about issues and to be involved.  Our mission is a Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, and Healthy Community.  We believe if our small businesses are strong, they will support more employees which creates a healthy community to nurture all people.  If business and families are healthy, the environment will be cared for.  Our top priority is always what is best for business interests because we feel this supports the community and environment through paying taxes and a strong workforce.  We strongly believe in our right to vote and the importance of exercising that right.

The Alliance provides voter suggestions and information as part of our mission to educate our membership and to advocate for small business.  We make voter suggestions on propositions that have a direct economic impact on small business.  I encourage you to choose to vote.  Please use this opportunity for your voice to be heard through the ballot box.  Voting is a democratic privilege that was formerly denied to many citizens.  We cannot become complacent about the importance of our one single vote to join with others with similar opinions.

David Rabbitt, 2nd District Supervisor since 2010 spoke at our October General Membership meeting.  He updated us on the Glass Fire, COVID19, potential business re-openings, and the Economic Development Board Small Business Stabilization Grants for businesses with 1 to 30 employees.  Thank you so much to Supervisor Rabbitt for his consistent support of small business and economic development.

October also featured speakers advocating a No vote on Proposition 15.  The Alliance takes a No position because we feel Prop 15 will create a hardship on CA small business.  This proposition would repeal the Proposition 13 property tax base for commercial properties and agriculture.  Its impact on small business and family farms is significant.  Burden on the Assessor for administrative services will also be onerous.  We urge a No vote on Prop 15 because it will drive up costs for small business which will ultimately be passed along to all consumers in the form of higher prices.  It will touch everyone either directly or through the trickle-down effect.  We feel that if this proposition passes, residential properties will be the next target.

Last month we presented a Yes on DD program to support extension of the ¼ cent sales tax for transportation.  One of the reasons for our support is based on the 5:1 match from State and Federal funding that Measure M, the predecessor to Measure DD, has been able to obtain.  The Sonoma County Transportation Authority explained this match in a recent mailer to County Residents.  It is a good return on our investment and an efficient transportation system is necessary for business, people and the environment.

In the past week you were asked to participate in the SCA annual survey. You will receive additional reminders before the survey closes on October 19th.  We hope you choose to take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire which will inform Alliance leadership about what you feel are our most important areas of focus for the coming year.  This will also allow specific goal setting in our Strategic Plan for 2021 to 2023.   Please share your opinions and speak out.  Your voice is needed.

Thank you for choosing thoughtfully.  Thank you for choosing to be a member of the Sonoma County Alliance.  We look forward to working together to strengthen our economy, environment and community.

Marlene Soiland, President



Choice is what enables us to tell the world who we are.                 Barry Schwartz