Environmental & Infrastructure


The Sonoma County Alliance has a Committee to monitor policies addressing Sonoma County’s environmental and infrastructure concerns, including fresh water, wastewater, and groundwater systems and strives to improve and maintain these essential resources through several projects including a statewide planning process that hopes to provide a safe, reliable water supply for the future.

The goal of Groundwater Management is to ensure long-term viability of the groundwater aquifer, maintain water quality and ensure safe drinking water over the long term, prevent aquifer depletion and stabilize groundwater levels, as well as meeting existing and future water demands. Maintaining a strong infrastructure in Sonoma County means maintaining a high quality of life, which is crucial for the overall well-being of the region.

The committee overseeing the environment is actively involved in finding better recycling, waste management, landfill diversion, energy conservation, clean air, water, and other green solutions, such as the Sonoma Clean Power alternative.

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