The Sonoma County Alliance Environmental Committee monitors policies addressing Sonoma County’s environmental and infrastructure concerns.  The Committee’s purpose is to become informed about environmental issues that impact the business community in Sonoma County.  Its mission includes being involved with decision and policy makers, becoming educated, and bringing information forward to Alliance leadership and membership.

Climate change is causing numerous environmental issues that adversely impact the community.  The Alliance stands for a Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, and Healthy Community.  All three of these are affected by the effects of climate change.  Our primary goal is to understand the science of climate change and to educate our members.  We also explore linkages to current issues such as wildfire, groundwater, drought, atmospheric river phenomena, energy and resource conservation, coastal flooding/sea level rise, forestry, and any other areas identified as potentially climate change-based impacts.  The Committee also follows recycling and waste disposal as well as composting in Sonoma County.

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