Housing Task Force

The Sonoma County Alliance wants to keep people up to date and informed about housing initiatives by notifying members about upcoming policy decisions and housing projects and also encourages involvement at local committee and council meetings. The SCA Housing Task Force (HTF) convenes business leaders to engage in advocacy and develop recommendations to help remove barriers that are impeding the construction of new and different housing types in the County. The HTF works to activate and educate members to engage on important topics. The HTF partners with key community groups to promote solution-oriented models to remove and accelerate development. The HTF promotes Regional advanced planning focused on development of downtown areas and an overall economic development strategy.

The SCA HTF hosts presentations quarterly about key topics to learn about solutions and strategies that work and to understand the importance of housing to the economy and the environment. These meetings prepare and energize Alliance members for action. As HTF meetings are scheduled they will be posted on the Alliance website calendar.

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