Housing Task Force – August 16

Housing Task Force – August 16

11:30 am to 1:00 pm
3562 Round Barn Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

RSVP:  robin@8thwave.co or ceo@sonomacountyalliance.com

Please join the Housing Task Force for a presentation discussion with Bay Area Council’s Matt Regan- Senior Vice President, Public Policy.

Lunch is generously being provided by Richard McChinak from Cross Country Mortgage and Rita Alonso from Keller Williams Realty.

When: August 16th  11:30– 1:00

Where: 3562 Round Barn Circle 2nd floor Keller William

Lunch Sponsor: Rita Alonso, Keller Williams and Richard McChinak, Cross Country Mortgage 

RSVP:  robin@8thwave.co or ceo@sonomacountyalliance.com

More Workforce Housing for a Growing Region

Matt Regan Senior Vice President, Public Policy

The Bay Area faces an unprecedented housing crisis that impacts every family, worker, and company in our region. Despite visionary state planning goals to “build in” and reduce our greenhouse gas footprint, our system of approving and building housing is failing to provide infill housing at a rate that corresponds with job growth, resulting in increased competition for fewer available homes, rising prices, overcrowding, longer commutes and community dislocation. The housing crisis threatens our diverse communities, our economy, and our environment.

The Council is advancing innovative, actionable solutions to address old, persistent problems that impede development.  In the past three years, we successfully passed four important pro-housing bills and helped shepherd many others to a successful conclusion. In 2019, our goal is to increase accessory dwelling unit (ADU) permitting in the Bay Area by 5,000 units over the 2015 baseline and enact legislation to streamline permitting and reduce overall building costs by 20%.

Recent Wins

  • Continued progress on state housing legislation: SB 1227 (Skinner) to expand student housing on campuses in Bay Area and rest of state; SB 828 (Wiener) to hold cities more accountable for meeting their housing obligations; and AB 2923 (Chiu, Grayson) to increase transit-oriented development near BART stations.
  • Endorsed and fought for projects that resulted in 5,000 approved units.
  • Established “Casita Coalition”, a statewide initiative to support the construction of accessory dwelling units – ADUs, or granny units, which have the potential to add over 150,000 units of housing to the Bay Area.

2019 Policy Activities

  • Sponsor and support legislation to reduce the per unit construction costs in California.
  • Continue state and local advocacy to further expand the stock of ADUs.
  • Work to alleviate existing cost barriers such as development fees and stringent environmental regulations (Title 24), as well as supporting amnesty statewide and innovative finance mechanisms.
  • Push for large-scale zoning reform in California.

RSVP:  robin@8thwave.co or ceo@sonomacountyalliance.com

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