Summer is leaving us too soon, and there’s a hint of Fall in the air. This time of year is
always a time of reflection for me. September gives us an opportunity to look back
beyond the past year, as well as a season to look ahead into the fourth quarter and plan
for the future. The past is prologue and gives us another chance to profit from

Our former leaders play a continuing role that is powerful and productive. I was honored
to meet with many of our past presidents recently to share their memories of SCA
history and offer their thoughts on where the Alliance could or should be focusing. One
thing we definitely want to know is how to effectively engage our younger, newer
members and capitalize on their energy, enthusiasm and ideas to enrich the Alliance.
SCA’s past presidents represent an amazing “pool of minds” that will be coming
together on an annual or more frequent basis for continued discussion and outreach.
Stay tuned for more opportunities to participate.

As we finish this year, other focus groups are being planned to engage and sustain
members along with those who have invested in the SCA over the years to look at
“what’s next.” We’ve also met with our committee chairs who lead teams that are more
accountable than ever for implementing well thought out actions and steps to support
the goals of the SCA strategic plan. If you have interest in any of our committee or focus
groups, I want to hear from you!

Fall is also election time. November 6 will be here before we know it and now is the time
to dig in, ask questions and learn about which measures can have the most impact on
Sonoma County. I believe it’s our shared responsibility to know what candidates stand
for, and the depth of their knowledge on key issues, before we cast our votes.

The SCA Political Action Committee (SCAPAC) has invested many hours interviewing
incumbents and newcomers for elective offices. The Alliance has endorsed a significant
number of city council candidates in our surrounding cities and towns. I encourage you
to get to know these individuals by reviewing candidate endorsements in the SACPAC
section of this special Alliance report, or on our website as well as information about
propositions and measures so you can become an advocate and an informed voter!
We have a chance to make a major difference this year at the ballot box by taking
appropriate action to build our economy and restore the infrastructure of our county. So
be sure to vote and make it count.

So, as the leaves are turning color, let’s slow down a bit and focus on the “constant
change” and where our energy and direction is best expended.

“Toto, We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Stay involved — give us your input when you see
an upcoming membership survey in your in-box, or reach out to me to share your

Kris Wilson
2018 SCA President