The Sonoma County Alliance was formed to create a unique business community network group that provides insight and information on key issues that the county faces and that affects business growth and development. The SCA Membership Committee provides strategic support to the board of directors and leadership to attract and retain members. Its mission includes ensuring that members feel welcome, engaged and included and that the membership reflects the diversity of the business community.

The member benefits include:

  • Monthly General Membership Meetings focused on providing insightful information to the business community to assist them in making strategic decisions
  • Network with a broad range of industries and business leaders and cultivate new strategic relationships
  • Support the local community with fundraising social events
  • Get involved in effective political actions that affect our community

Join the Sonoma County Alliance-we can make a difference together!

“Alone we do so little; Together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Join Us!

If you are a business in Sonoma County and you want to:

  1. grow your business
  2. network with prospective customers or suppliers
  3. learn about key issues facing our business community and,
  4. want to make a difference-join the Sonoma County Alliance.

If you are interested in learning more about membership please contact the Sonoma County Alliance.

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