The SCAPAC has interviewed all the declared candidates (as of June 1, 2019) for the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for the 3 District Elections scheduled for 2020.  We are very proud to announce our endorsement of Supervisor Shirlee Zane for the 3rd District and Lynda Hopkins for the 5th District.  Both Shirlee and Lynda are incumbents and we are very excited to continue our support towards their re-election next year.  The SCAPAC has not made an endorsement for the 1st District, also on the 2020 ballot.

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Shirlee Zane

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors – 3rd District

Supervisor Zane has a remarkable track record with the Alliance and has earned SCAPAC’s endorsement for her re-election in March.  Shirlee has consistently supported all levels of housing and has been hands-on for a number of veterans home projects.  Now in her 3rd term, she has been a reliable supporter of the business community and truly works for the betterment of all Sonoma County residents.


Lynda Hopkins

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors – 5th District

Now in her 4th year as Supervisor, Lynda Hopkins is passionate, knowledgeable, loaded with integrity, and is a very hard worker.  Lynda has done a great job serving the extremely vast and varied West County District.  The SCAPAC endorsed Lynda for her initial election in 2016, and is proud to support her re-election in March.


Yes on Measure I

Following a thorough discussion and review, the SCAPAC Trustees agreed to support SMART and Measure I (as we did on the formation tax measure in 2008).  Our community has made a substantial investment in the SMART train, and it is important that we give this community asset every chance to show what it can do.  A big reason for our support is to help create Transit Oriented Housing projects in Sonoma County which is so desperately needed.  A No vote will surely deter this type of housing development.


Yes on Measure H

City of Healdsburg – Amendment to Growth Management Ordinance

We support the City Council of Healdsburg with this simple modification of the GMO and their efforts to create more “missing middle” housing in the City. Our communities are in desperate need of all types of housing and we applaud the Council efforts toward this accommodation.

Measure H City of Healdsburg – County of Sonoma


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