It is hard to wrap our heads around the unprecedented magnitude of what we are currently experiencing. We are fortunate that the advancements over the last decade have allowed many to conduct business remotely and loved ones to continue to communicate together.

Advocacy and access to information are core objectives for our organization. We strive to provide you with these two valuable services during these challenging times. Our monthly general meetings are transforming into virtual meetings assembling experts to give you frontline knowledge on how organizations and agencies are addressing the pandemic. Earlier this month, our panel included a County Supervisor, City Council Member, SR School District Board Chair, Kaiser Hospital representative, and others. They provided a broad snapshot of the first two weeks of sheltering during the initial stages of the virus.  May’s panel will start to focus on the re-emergence from Sheltering-in-Place and the challenges still to come.

During this crisis and the days ahead, the Alliance is actively representing our members. We are in communication with elected leaders and regulatory agencies, trying to find safe ways to continue to deliver services in our County. We must find ways to continue to support the construction of housing, the growth of commerce, and the ability to practice our crafts in manners that do not transmit the virus. As an election year, the Alliance PAC will be interviewing candidates and considering endorsements. In addition, a series of taxes are making their way to the November ballot that need strong scrutiny. Commercial businesses find themselves deeply under fire once again at the ballot box. Our Alliance leadership is working even harder under the Shelter-in-Place requirements to dialogue with those developing policy and interfacing with those guiding our cities and county.

As a County, there are times I feel like we mimic the role of the knight guarding the bridge in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. With four limbs severed, we claim “tis but a flesh wound” and energetically fight on. It is that perseverance that makes us stronger and brings us together as a community. That said, I think we are all do for a vacation! Stay healthy and prosper Sonoma County!

Yours truly,

Doug Hilberman

2020 SCA President